When We Have Gone
Loved Ones
Welcome to When we have gone
A unique online safe and secure site to store personal and private letters and video messages for your family, friends and loved ones to receive after life has passed for you
Your Children
If the worst should happen to you as a parent, your children will receive a letter or video telling them how much you loved them and maybe some future advice.
Private Letter
Writing a letter for a loved one to keep forever, we will keep your letter safe and secure and make sure the right person receives it when the time comes.
Personal Video
Some people prefer and find it easier to record a video with there message, giving your loved ones something to watch when times are hard.
A new online safe and
secure storage facilty
for your private letters
and video messages
How we started
In 1987 i lost my father to cancer, he was only 41 years old. He was given 6 months to live but only lasted 3 months. The idea for this site came from this experience and learning how to cope with the loss of my father.
Now as a parent myself, it is important to me that if the worst should happen, my loved ones would receive a letter or video from me telling them how much i loved them and maybe advice for the future.
On this site you can upload personal and private letters for your family, friends or loved ones. The messages you save can be changed or amended at any time.
One thing in life is certain, death will come to us all at some point. We look after our family in life, now we can look after them when we have gone.
Life can be long or short, we never know when our time will end, but if the worst should happen we can give comfort to the ones we leave behind by leaving loving messages or letters for them to access.

For a membership fee of £5 per year, you can upload letters, photos, videos, music files, create your own memory page and you will get a vault number so your loved one can access these memories privately.

Bring comfort to those we leave behind.

A safe and secure way of ensuring your loved ones know how much you loved them.
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Contact Information
Email: info@whenwehavegone.com
Address: OFFICE 7, 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN, United Kingdom.
When We Have Gone is an organization to help people to keep in touch with their family and friends and loved ones.